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Husk Recording

Work in an affordable space with proven results. Eric is a passionate and engaged recording and mix engineer with years of experience in professional and home studios.


Get in touch directly: request a quote, ask general recording questions, set up a time to grab coffee... it's up to you.

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About Husk

Husk Recording is a basement studio located in NE Portland operated by Eric Leavell. I have been recording music in professional and home studios for over 10 years, with Husk representing my own approach to the recording process.

I aim to balance the realistic and fantastic in my productions by capturing detailed sounds and treating them in playful and experimental ways during the mix process.

As much as the artist allows, I want our work to be a collaboration. I don't want to sit there with a blank expression on my face and press Record, I want to get involved: celebrate your successes, dive into your mind and see if we can surprise each other.

I have to be willing to expose myself if I'm asking the same of you.

Full Production

Music is best when it's a collaboration; there's this unspoken dialog between several people that culminates in a singular communication, our most pure expression of emotion. My focus is to retain and highlight the emotion behind music when producing.

This may be as simple as recording and mixing in a way that builds on the dynamics already present in your music, all the way to helping find musicians and forming an in-studio band to make your songs realize their full potential. This could be an efficient process or take several months depending on the scope of the project and the amount of production that has to go into it.

These are my favorite projects to work on, although they are the most difficult.

I only have the capacity to work on a few projects like this at a time. If you're interested in working with me closely on a project like this, please reach out and we can determine if this would be a good fit.

Mixing and Mastering

Along with Full Production work I love getting the opportunity to mix or master other projects.


I mix a wide variety of genres, from intimate folk music, intense metal, and bass-heavy hip hop. I don't focus on a specific genre because my primary goals of mixing are universal:

Find the elements that have the most impact and bring them out in surprising ways

Accentuate the dynamics built into the song

Create detailed and lush soundscapes

If you feel like I would be a good fit for mixing your music, please contact me for a quote.


As with mixing, I have mastered a wide variety of genres. From professionally mixed material that only needed some light touches to bedroom recordings that benefited from a much more hands-on approach, I will put in the work to ensure your mix sounds it's best before release.

Reach out and get a quote for mastering your project.

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